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Company History

In 1910, Dave Fischbein began a business in Minneapolis, MN of buying, selling and servicing industrial sewing machinery. As the business grew he added mechanics and other necessary support personnel. Over time the business expanded to supply equipment to such industries as animal feed, flour milling, chemicals, fertilizer and other food processing operations. In 1943 Dave Fischbein began working on an electrically driven portable sewing machine, designed specifically to close filled bags. The result was the revolutionary Fischbein Model A portable bag closer, which was introduced to the market in 1946.

In the early 1950's a corporation was organized to properly service the rapidly growing Latin American market by establishing a network of distributors throughout the region. The growth of Fischbein continued and in 1956 the company moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, and the Fischbein European Headquarters was established in Brussels, Belgium to develop and promote the Fischbein brand in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Sales offices in The Netherlands, Germany and France soon followed. Within a short period of time the company was selling sewing equipment to close bags in over 190 countries.Bag closing Statesville NC

In the early 1970s, in response to the customers growing need for innovative bag closing equipment, Fischbein's team of engineers developed the first sealer for pre-glued pinch style paper bags. Shortly thereafter Fischbein acquired the Mid America Packaging company and added a line of Double Roll Closure gluing machines to its growing portfolio of bag closing solutions.

By 1993 Fischbein had again outgrown its manufacturing facility in Minneapolis and decided to relocate operations to Statesville, North Carolina. At this point, Fischbein had become the world leader in bag closing equipment and was continuing to search for opportunities to expand its product offering to better serve its worldwide customer base. In 1999 Fischbein acquired the Saxon family of sealing equipment for closing poly bags, followed shortly thereafter with the acquisition of the Inglett family of weighing and bag handling products.

bag sealer - United States Currently, Fischbein sells its products in over 190 countries through a combination of direct selling and a network of more than 150 highly qualified distributors. Fischbein's family of brands - Fischbein, Saxon, and Inglett are recognized for quality, durability, innovation and value. Fischbein's equipment is widely used in virtually all industries that use open-mouth bags, including agricultural, milling, chemical, pet food, animal feed, building materials, food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Fischbein takes great pride in working closely with its customers to find the right packaging solution. Call us and our solutions team will be pleased to work together with you to meet your needs.