Free Flowing Product

Free Flowing Product – is defined as a dry, granular product with good flow characteristics such as grains, lentils, sugar, salt, animal feed, pet food, resins and fertilizers. Fischbein offers a complete line of both gross weigh and net weigh electronic scales for free flowing products.

From our net weigh line of products you can choose from two operating formats – Simplex or Duplex. Depending on product density and flow characteristics a simplex scale will average 12 to 14 weighments per minute; a duplex scale will average 18 to 22 weighments per minute. Based on your operational requirements for speed and weighment accuracy, you can choose a “gravity bulk/gravity dribble (GG)” or “gravity bulk/vibratory dribble (GV)” feeder system. Bag weighment accuracy is improved with a GV scale system.

In response to the need for seed corn producers to supply both refuge-in-bag (“RIB”) and refuge-in-bulk (“ProBox”) Fischbein has developed a simplex refuge scale system that automatically blends seeds from two different supply hoppers. This net weigh scale system meets all of the requirements necessary for seed corn producers to comply with new industry regulations. These scales are available in both simplex and duplex versions, as well as a retrofit version that can be integrated into any existing Inglett 8800GV net weigh scale.

Hamer Model 200NW+ Net Weigh Bagging Scale

  • Accuracy: Up to +/- 0.5 oz (15 g) @ 2 Sigma
  • Speed: Up to 30 BPM Servo Gravity Simplex
  • Speed: Up to 26 BPM Gravity Simplex
  • Weighment Range: Approx. .5 to 28-30 lb (113 g to 13.6 kg)
  • Dual Load Cell
  • Rugged Weigh Hopper
  • Available in 4" Stainless Steel

Hamer Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Bagging (Auger Feed) Scale

  • 8 to 12 BPM
  • Up to +/- 3 to 4 oz. (85-114g) accuracy @ 2 Sigma
  • Weighment range: approximately 10lb to 110lb (5kg to 50kg)
  • Easy access clean out door
  • Removable augers for complete feeder clean out
  • Dual 6” continuous weld auger feeders
  • Two speed VFD for Bulk/Dribble
  • Salina/Vortex slide gate cutoff
  • Dual load cell design maximizes signal strength, and stabilization for increased accuracy and speed
  • Rugged weigh hopper doors increase operational life
  • 4” dust collection port (1 per scale, 2 total)
  • Steep weigh hopper doors ensure fast product discharge, no residue
  • Fully enclosed casing with easily detachable side panels for easy access
  • Programmable scale control displays scale weights, target tolerances, surge bin fill status
  • Controller stores up to 100 pre-set formulas
  • NEMA 4X 304SS controller enclosure
  • RS-232/485 communications output to printers and other devices
  • Controller is UL, CUL, OIML and NTEP approved


Hamer Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Bagging (Servo Gravity) Scale

  • Fast, Simplex rates 24+ bags per minute Bagging Scale
  • Hamer Model 600NW Duplex Servo Gravity
  • Simplex or Duplex configurations
  • Accuracy +/- .5 oz (15g) @ 2 sigma
  • Gravity, Gravity Servo, Belt, Vibratory, Gravity/Vibratory versions
  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Truweigh™ mechanical load damping
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Industrial grade pneumatics
  • 10lb to 110 lb (5kg to 50 kg) weight range
  • Rice Lake 920i digital weigh indicator
  • Large, easy to read weight display
  • 100 product storage
  • Hand bagging spouts
  • Stand alone scale support structures
  • Extensive list of available options

Hamer Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Bagging (Belt Feed) Scale

Simplex speeds 18-20 bags per minute Two speed VFD motor for belt fast/slow fill Accuracy +/- 1.4 oz. (40 g) @ 2 sigma Easy Clean™ slide out belt assembly Self tracking belt has lag drive and wing take up pulleys Adjustable product leveling Cut off gate to control product free fall Large, easy to read display 100 product storage Hang bagging spouts Stand alone scale support structures Extensive list of available options

Hamer Model 100GW Gross Weigh

• Refuge Gravity-Vibratory Duplex Scale
• Fastrac P- PLC controls with HMI
• Electronic net weigh scale
• Stainless steel contact parts
• Hydraulic load dampening design
• Duplex gravity-vibratory format
• Dust tight NEMA 12 electrics
• Weighment size: 25-110 pds.
• Accuracy 18-20 wpm +/-1 to 1.5 oz
• Up to 20 weighments per min.
• Weight range: 1.5 to 7 lbs @+/ -1/100ths 

Hamer Model 355 Weigh Bagger Machine

  • 20 lb to 100 lb fill weights
  • Up to 400 50 lb bags per hour
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Automatic bag clamp
  • Casters for portability
  • Self contained feeding and filling unit
  • Box filling option 

Hamer Model 300VF Volumetric Filler

  • Fast, up to 35 bags per minute
  • 8 quart to 3 cu ft fill range
  • VFD drives on leveling wheel and feed belt
  • 7 ga steel construction
  • Simple touch screen controls
  • 10 preset fill volumes
  • NEMA 12 electronics enclosure
  • Hand bagging chutes with automatic bag clamp
  • Wide variety of available options