Non-Free Flowing

Non-Free Flowing Product – is defined as dry product with less than ideal flow characteristics such as pellets, nuts, peanuts, wood chips, potting soil, decorative stone, charcoal, range cubes and animal sweet feeds (10% molasses).

For non-free flowing products you can choose from two operating formats – Simplex or Duplex. Depending on product density and flow characteristics a simplex feeder belt scale system will average 8 to 14 weighments per minute; a duplex feeder belt scale will average 12 to 22 weighments per minute. The feeder belt system provides bulk and dribble flow to the scale’s weigh hopper.

Hamer Model 600NW Belt Feed Bagging Scale

  • Simplex speeds up to 18 bags per minute
  • Two speed VFD motor for belt fast/slow fill
  • Accuracy +/- 1.4 oz. (40 g) @ 2 sigma
  • Easy Clean™ slide out belt assembly
  • Self tracking belt has lag drive and wing take up pulleys
  • Adjustable product leveling
  • Cut off gate to control product free fall
  • Large, easy to read display
  • 100 product storage
  • Hang bagging spouts
  • Stand alone scale support structures
  • Extensive list of available options