Bag Heat Sealer

Do you need a bag heat sealer that can cope with the demands of your business?

When considering a Fischbein-Saxon bag heat sealer, the key word to remember is ‘flexibility.’ Any size of business can benefit from one of our heat-based bag sealing machines, as there are scalable options that can fulfill any size of production run. These range from automated solutions that are capable of running up to 22,2m/min, to a manually-operated sealer product that is small enough to rest on a table surface. The type of the bag gives a number of choices to any manufacturer, as the machines are capable of sealing a wide variety of bags. 

At Fischbein we design and manufacture state of the art bag weighing, handling and closing equipment. Our bagging equipment and system solutions are widely used in numerous industries, such as the animal feed, seed, pet food and chemical sectors. Through the Fischbein family of brands – Fischbein, Saxon, and Inglett we provide a full range of bag filling, weighing, handling and bag closing equipment.

With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Fischbein offers our customers a complete range of fully and semi-automated bagging equipment. Fischbein’s Inglett™ family of products includes electronic net weigh bagging scales, bag hangers, conveyors and fully automated bag filling and handling systems. We also offer a complete range of bag closing solutions with Saxon® sealers for plastic bags/pouches and Fischbein’s complete range of paper bag sealing and bag sewing systems. Whether you need a high quality hand held portable sewing system or a fully automated bag packaging line Fischbein has a solution for you.


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