Heat Sealers

Are you looking for high-quality heat sealers that are suitable for large scale production processes?

When hygiene and production speed are critical factors for a business, heat sealers that are provided by Fischbein-Saxon will address both of these needs. From a hygiene point of view, the process of sealing a bag with heat is ideal due to the lack of human contact. As the heat energy is applied directly to the plastic surface by a machine, it is extremely easy to keep the work area free of excessive bacteria. When speed is a vital element of your product output, our machines are available in a variety of speed configurations - these can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the end-user.

At Fischbein we design and manufacture state of the art bag weighing, handling and closing equipment. Our bagging equipment and system solutions are widely used in numerous industries, such as the animal feed, seed, pet food and chemical sectors. Through the Fischbein family of brands – Fischbein, Saxon, and Inglett we provide a full range of bag filling, weighing, handling and bag closing equipment.

With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Fischbein offers our customers a complete range of fully and semi-automated bagging equipment. Fischbein’s Inglett™ family of products includes electronic net weigh bagging scales, bag hangers, conveyors and fully automated bag filling and handling systems. We also offer a complete range of bag closing solutions with Saxon® sealers for plastic bags/pouches and Fischbein’s complete range of paper bag sealing and bag sewing systems. Whether you need a high quality hand held portable sewing system or a fully automated bag packaging line Fischbein has a solution for you.


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